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Digital Bracer by MCharke
Digital Bracer
Technology and leather melded together for this modern LARP bracer.
New Sign at Work by MCharke
New Sign at Work
This is just a quick new sign for work. The old plastic one was toast.
Angel Coat by MCharke
Angel Coat
A leather project of mine for a LARP character.
Strange Bracers by MCharke
Strange Bracers
A pair of soft, unhardened, 9oz vegetable tanned bracers colored with a tan-wood grain resist technique trimmed with black edge cote and bordered with a stitch groove.


Mark Charke


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Mandrakil Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hey there!
Looked through your gallery, and I just wanted to say that your leatherwork is awesome. It looks fantastic!
Well, yeah, just wanted to let you know :P


PS: I see you use those round boffer "swords"... Why?
MCharke Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2010
Thank you for your comments Mandrakil.

Two years ago I had a little money set aside for LARP and had to choose between latex swords or starting leatherworking. I went with leatherworking. I could have upgraded since but haven't.

This weekend I broke/damaged two swords, which is really unusual, but it'll only cost about 10$ to replace both. Also I love curved swords and have never seen a curved latex sword. I use hot water curved PVC cores. Boffers are easier to get in blue and camo colors.

Most importantly, I find Boffers safer. They don't swing as fast or hard. I've tried all sorts of weapons, injected rubber, latex, graphite core, and I injure people far less often with big thick boffer weapons. Inritius Alliance LARP is open to everyone and that includes a lot of non-armored and smaller persons.

Mark Charke
Mandrakil Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Aha, that seems like a perfectly good reason to use boffer swords =)
It just seemed unusual to me, that a person with such nice costume and armor doesn't have more "realistic" weapons. I've never, ever, seen such a boffer weapon in any Danish LARP. Not even in pictures from LARPs I haven't attended. Everyone either uses bought latex weapons, homemade swords like my Orc Cleaver or homemade latex weapons. Some of us use Calimacil, a brand that is getting more and more common in Denmark. They're made of a kind of foam, and they're incredibly durable, realistic and good to fight with. They even have curved swords.
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